1. Ed Ruscha, Made in California (1971), Color Lithograph on White Arches paper. 20 x 28 in (50.8 x 71.3 cm).

    The History of Printmaking in Los Angeles

    In the year of 1914, when the shadows of conflict began to loom over Europe, an artistic bloom quietly began in a corner of Downtown Pasadena. Conceived by two artist brothers, The Print Makers of Los Angeles convened their inaugural meeting. This article follows the genesis of the Los Angeles printmaking scene, situates its evolution within the weave of history, and traces the indelible marks it's made on contemporary art til the present day.
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  2. John Baldessari, Studio, 1988. Lithograph, silkscreen, ed. 150

    What is the difference between fine art prints, editions, and multiples?

    In 2019, the global market for fine art prints and editions was valued at around $15 billion USD, with North America and Europe being the largest markets. Taking in consideration of all this talk: what are prints, editions, and multiples, where do they come from, and what role will they play in the contemporary world?
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