New Release

Introducing our collaboration with artist Patricia Iglesias Peco. Explore 12 unique monotypes, each one distinct from the next.

Patricia Iglesias Peco is an artist known for her captivating floral and fauna paintings that transcend traditional depictions of botanical life. Her artworks, gesturally painted with harmonious colors and punctuated by sharp, saturated tones, invite viewers into a world where plant life, despite its inevitable decay, pulses with clandestine botanical energy.

For this release, each piece began as a hand-painted creation onto an aluminum plate, infused with Iglesias Peco's distinctive brushstrokes and dynamic floral compositions. Then, through careful hand-finishing, every monotype was imbued with its own unique touch, ensuring that no two artworks are alike. 

Foreign & Domestic Editions publishes fine art editions and multiples across all forms of media in collaboration with contemporary artists. We aim to devise timeless and inventive works of art.